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inter.net ratingWELCOME TO the International Philosophical Preprint Exchange, a service provided by the Department of Philosophy, Chiba University, and an international working group, coordinated by

  • Richard Reiner (University of Toronto),
  • Syun Tutiya (Chiba University),
  • administered by
  • Yoichi Kaniike(Chiba University),
  • and with the assistance of
  • Carolyn L Burke (Finite Systems Consulting),
  • George Gale (University of Missouri - Kansas City),
  • Steven Rice (York University)
  • Istvan Berkeley (University of Alberta),
  • Vinod Sharma (SecureWare, Inc),
  • and with
  • Peter Fruchter (University of Western Ontario).
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    The IPPE is mirrored at many points on the Internet. Access to all of our sites is allowed all day, world-wide. In addition to accessing the IPPE through our main site, you may access the IPPE preprints and journal holdings through any of the following links:

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    With the respective author's permission, many of our preprints have been included on CDRom, available by Internet order form from Walnut Creek CDRom. You may also mail order the CDRom by printing out this Walnut Creek Order form.

    Submissions are strongly encouraged. For instructions and guidelines on submitting papers and commentaries, read up on How to Submit using any access method. If you have any difficulties, please feel free to email

    an IPPE volunteer.

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